Human Resource Management

Admin Section

Here you can manage:

Organization → General Information, Location, Notification. These information employee will show there personal profile.

Employer → Create employer role, Choose access permission in accordance to the role, Create employer under the role.

Job → Title (needs when you create employee), Category (needs when you create employee), Pay Grades

Qualification → Skills, Education, Language. This information employee will show there personal profile. Employee will add there skills, education and language accordance to these information

Project info → Project, Task, Assign task to the employee, task status

Employer tab, Under admin section

Employer Role → Create employer role and choose access permission accordance to the role.

Employer List → Create employer and select the employer role

HRM - Access management for employer
HRM - Personal Information Management (pim)

Personal Information Management (pim)

Create Employee, Manage employee information and admin can access each employee profile from here.

Employee Personal Profile

Personal → Personal Information, Job, Salary, Work Experience, Education, Skills, Language

Pim Organization → General Information (get from admin section), Location (get from admin section), Notice (get from admin section)

My Task → Current Task (Recent assign task), Outstanding Task (Due task), Completed Task

Leave → Assign (leave apply), Work Week (get from admin leave section), Holiday (get from admin leave section)

HRM - Employee Personl Profile
HRM - Leave


Configure → Leave Type, Work Week (employee will show there personal profile), Holidays (employee will show there personal profile)

Leave Summary → Crate leave, Assign leave (admin can assign leave for employee), Cancel leave (admin can cancel employee leave)