Hi this is mishu and welcome to my blog. As you have found this site, I am sure and glad that you are interested about me and my work. Thanks.

My name is Asaquzzaman (Mishu). I am a simple person, who is crazy about programming. I have completed my M.Sc. in Statistics at University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. I have 3+ years of experience at building web applications. I specialize on PHP frameworks and content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, OrangeHrm, Codeigniter. I love jQuery. As a web application developer, I am very good with HTML5 and CSS3 too.Currently I am working as a PHP developer at Websites always attract me. When I used a website before, I always used to wonder where and how my username and password are saved. And how later my username is found from thousands of others.
In my quest of searching answers to these questions, I got to know about SQL and MYSQL. I was a student of statistics and there are courses of C++ and SQL taught to us, this is the place where I was blessed to learn C++ and SQL. As PHP and C++ are quite similar, I started to learn about PHP. And that was the start of my path to learning web developing. Then orderly I proceeded to learn HTML, CSS, LESS, 960 Grid, Bootstrap Twitter, javascript framework jQuery. In the meantime, I was proposed to make two websites. That had me think about security system and also how to make a website at the least time possible. Through Google search, I was introduced to content management system (CMS) WordPress and PHP Framework codeigniter.I am also good with drupal. Currently, after completing M.Sc. I am doing a job at weDevs as a plugin developer and theme customizes. After all this time, I still enjoy working mostly with wordpress and drupal. I won’t claim to be an expert in this field but I can ensure you that I can find any solution in my way.